At Google I led teams that designed and built commerce experiences. During my 4.5 years at Google, I grew the Commerce UX team from 20 people to 80 designers, researchers, motion designers, design engineers and program managers. As a team, we designed omni-channel shopping, travel, and payments experiences that benefited users, merchants and the travel industry, and helped drive revenue at Google. 

Stand-out projects we completed include Product Listing Ads, which evolved Google's product search from a low quality unpaid model to one that featured high quality results and generated billions of dollars per year. Google Express, which established a new model for local commerce and delivery. Google Trips, which combined Google's travel related services (Flights, Hotels, and Destinations) with an understanding of user's email content, all wrapped up into a cohesive app and conveniently located in Google Now. Google Wallet, which after many iterations and incarnations eventually settled into a standard way to pay friends and family. And Android Pay, a product and service that evolved from early work on Google Wallet, and that provides users an easy way to store their payment cards and use them seamlessly via their Android mobile device of on a wide range of partner services.