No Buck, No Rogers

Asymco on Google...

In other words, the answer seems to be that if enough great technology is developed or acquired, then a business model will appear (think about it as a probability problem) and the vulnerability of revenue sources is managed.

GoPro Pipeline

2014 prediction: drone-based cinematography will significantly increase, especially in big-budget action movies. 



The last post I wrote was in 2009. At that time, I lived in San Francisco with Jojo in her lovely condo, worked at Adobe, and had no idea what the next four years might bring. 

Two kids and a wonderful life later, I'm back to researching, analyzing, writing, and doing design in a public and shareable way. We'll see how this experiment proceeds. 

I expect this site to cover a diverse range of topics, and house content of multiple types. Aside from writings about design, I hope to capture and document a range of designed experiences - be they digital or analog. My portfolio will likely make its way into this site. Hopefully my daughter and son will participate in fun design projects, and I'll share them here too. 


So, here we go. Looking forward to this.