IXDC 2016

In June I spoke at IXDC 2016 in Beijing. IXDC is the largest conference focused on digital and interaction design in China. As with all my experiences in China over the last year, it was wonderful, full of new experiences. Fortunately for me, Beijing was lovely the entire week I was there. Blue skies for days, a rarity for the heavily polluted city. Now that Uber is no longer in China, I hope that Didi helps to reduce congestion across China's megacities. See video of the talk here

My Dad

Decent detail in the face. Hope my body isn't truly funnel-shaped, and I just don't see it. 


Rad School

In which Ani describes the relationship between Rad School and Job School. I wouldn't mind attending. 

Stepping Up

Great article by @kevinmccull about the design thinking trend, its promise and failures, and requirements for design leadership success in business environments. 

For all its failings, Design Thinking uncovered real opportunities for design managers aiming to play a more strategic role in business. The problem stemmed from a naive combination of overreach and a lack of ambition to learn.