The Thumb Zone

A year old article, but timelessly relevant

In the past year or so, there have been many discussions about how users hold their mobile devices—most notably Josh Clark’s. [2] But I suspect that some of what we’ve been reading may not be on track. First, we see a lot of assumptions—for example, that all people hold mobile devices with one hand because they’re the right size for that—well, at least the iPhone is. [3] Many of these discussions have assumed that people are all the same and do not adapt to different situations, which is not my experience in any area involving real people—much less with the unexpected ways in which people use mobile devices. - See more at:


Part of the reason for its overuse, she says, is that it hits a linguistic “sweet spot” with a meaning people have been looking to express. “People want to say something that impresses, or they want to make some kind of intense statement about something. That word is a good one.”

Type Glasses

As covered on the Verge, Type is a new company out of Japan making eyeglasses whose articulations are based on forms found in famous letters. Their first glasses are based on Garamond and Helvetica. Fun to think of other fonts that would make for equally elegant designs, or - think Bragaddocio - those that would flip the script outlandishly.